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Biografie van de kunstenaar Talal Maddah

Talal Maddah 1939-2000 (Arabic: طلال مداح) is a popular legend and well-known Saudi musician and singer. He was named Maddah after his Mother's family. His fans coined the nickname the voice of Earth (Arabic: صوت الارض) for him ,and he is also known by The Golden Throat (Arabic: الحنجرة الذهبية). One of the most prominent pioneers of the Alhijazi art, Saudi Arabia and the modern Persian Gulf region. Characterized by his unique voice, even the title of the golden laryngeal, with a simple attractive spontaneous. Talal Maddah began his artistic emulation of Hijaazis singers in that period, such as Hassan Jawa and Mohammed Ali Sindi. It has been found since the beginnings of technical proficiency in the arts and the probe Al Majass, Al Sahbah and al Majroor and these local Hijazi arts do nobody know except fetched top singers at that time. In Al-Taif and in the evenings, Talal attended a wedding, which had been built a live by a selection of renowned artists such as time and Tariq Abdul-Hakim, Abdullah Mohammed and Abdullah Morshidi, and he was astonished to see a concert with full orchestra and the audience will hear the matter in which was left at the same motivation to go to this field with determination and strength. In the concert, he was introduced to Mr. Abbas Fayegg Ghazzawi who was then the radio director. Abass encouraged him to come to the broadcast and recording of the first songs. The song is called "grower of roses" (Arabic:وردك يا زارع الورد) "wardak ya zarea al ward". The song has been an unqualified success which encouraged the radio broadcast of this song many times per day. This was in the mid-fifties the calendar when Talal sang his song. In the sixties of the last century with the foundations of the artist Talal Maddah and Lutfi Ziny production company has adopted all Talal's work. At that time, the name of Talal Maddah appeared evident, especially after the birth of Saudi Arabia's official radio, and since then, started his artistic journey as his name is listed along with the top musicians of that period like Muhammad Ali Sindi, Fawzi Mhasson and Abdullah Mohammed, and many others. Gradually, his voice spread to the regional his voice came to the capital of the Arab Art - Cairo - and listened to him the Art barons such as art and Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Mohammed Al Mogy nd Baleegh Hamdy, and were all impressed with him and started composing for him even. Maddah collapsed and died suddenly on Al Meftaha Stage (Arabic: مسرح المفتاحة) in front of his fans shortly after he performed an intro to one of his oldie famous songs. The concert was aired live on Saudi National Television. Later on, the official Saudi News Agency declared a statement confirming his death and made an attribute to him and to his legacy.

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