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Jawad Al Ali, started as a dreamer , a talented soul and a wishful thinker . Jawad is not just for fame and glory but a representation of a deeper meaning, Jawad is one of the best selling Arabic recording artists today . he is a singer a poet and a composer . Some would say a "total package " Born in Saudi Arabia, jawad has a very encouraging and supportive family. Jawad has always been in love with music and begin his career at 1998 while he was studying in Pakistan he moved there to continue his education for this purpose he choose the field of electronic engineering in communication however, he never separated from his passion for music so he released his first album that year which called ( leh ma7sida ) which means in English ( why shouldn’t I envy him ) it contained 9 songs Inspired from the gulf music tradition , the album found a great success in the gulf countries, so in 1999 another album was released ( la ketha ajeb ) contained 10 songs which were an another success to him . the Album characterized as a purely gulf color . Jawad had walk a huge step in the music domain in year 2000 he sign a contract with the biggest company of production ( Rotana ) the (al marof ) album was the best album back then because jawad has added a new techniques for the known music , he mixed Western rhythms with the Gulf Music His road to fame continued with his next album ( ahebak ) 2001 which means I love u , it reached high chart positions across the Arabian world , it has increased jawad popularity in this time jawad has discovered a whole creative new world he entered to the Turkey magnificent world there jawad found what he was dreaming of the Turkish music arranger ( karam oktan ) *COUGH* * COUGH* jawad`s dream became reality , This album is a musically diverse collection of songs, after that the follow album was ( wajh alkheir ) 2002 another successful work between jawad and the Turkish artists was complete Another hit album ( habetak ) in 2004 this song is written and composed by jawad himself The album called ( habeb alomer ) love of my life . in 2006 he reached to his peak with (fe hatha alzaman ) album jawad tried somethin new and provided a social issue in this album when he sang about the bad things happening around the world like war. In 2008 currently jawad has put in our hands a new album ( asheq ) the lover in Jawad Al Ali has a great and very unique voice , he is so talented and skillful.

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