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Jack Jersey

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Jack Jersey


The Netherlands


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Frogtoon Music - Top Tracks For Jack Jersey

1) In the still of the night 2) Papa was a poor man 3) Blue brown eyed lady 4) Sri Lanka My Shangri La 5) Silvery moon 6) Gone girl 7) I'm Calling 8) She was dynamite 9) Don't Break This Heart 10) I wonder 11) Lonely Me 12) Woman 13) After Sweet Memories 14) Rub It In 15) Me and Bobby McGee 16) I'll Be Home On Christmas Eve 17) Shanah 18) Mary Lee 19) Puerto de Llansa 20) Sri lanka my shangrila 21) On This Night Of A Thousand Stars 22) Heaven Is My Woman's Love 23) Lonely Christmas 24) Waktu Potong Padi 25) Ole sio 26) You're The Only Inspiration 27) You're Not Gonna See Me Cryin' 28) In The Arms Of Her New Friend 29) Sri Lanka - My Shangri La 30) Asian Dreams 31) Forever 32) I can stand tomorrow 33) My Father's House 34) Lean On Me 35) At The End Of It All 36) Trincomalee 37) Lonely Street 38) Suspicious Minds 39) Sail Me Across The Water 40) Step Into My Heart 41) Pappa Was Poor Man 42) Sri-Lanka 43) Sri-Lanka - Live In Indonesia 44) Pappa was a poor man 45) A Broken Heart With A Smile 46) Nina Bobo 47) Blue Spanish eyes 48) JUANITA 49) This Means Goodbye 50) On This Night

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